General Mobile Radio Service


GMRS stands for General Mobile Radio Service.
No test for the license, just a $35 fee (recently reduced from $70).
License covers you AND your immediate family for 10 years. That includes your spouse, children, grandchildren, stepchildren, parents, grandparents, stepparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and in-laws.
22 designated frequencies in the UHF band from 462.5625 to 467.7250MHz. These overlap with FRS, which is used on most common Walkie Talkies.
There are 8 frequencies set aside for repeater use, which use a standard offset of +5MHz.
Some repeaters use a PL Tone or DCS Code for a small level of added privacy and minimized interference.

Licensing Process

  1. If you do not already have an FRN with the FCC, create one here. (Click REGISTER)
  2. Login to the FCC License Manager with your FRN here.
  3. Click “Apply for a New License”
  4. Select “ZA – General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)” (way down at the bottom of the dropdown list)
  5. Complete the rest of the application and submit payment.
  6. Wait to recieve approval with your new callsign.

Radios and Other Gear

GMRS radios are certified for and useable only on GMRS frequencies.

Having a radio capable of transmitting on both the 2m/70cm Amateur “Ham Band” and GMRS is far more useful, especially when radios are needed for emergency use. This may not be approved by the FCC for all radios. As with all things in life, attempt this at your own risk.

All VHF/UHF handheld and mobile radios we offer are expanded through software or hardware modifications to be capable of transmitting on GMRS and Amatuer 2m/70cm frequencies, as well as MURS and Business Band frequencies.

Most dual band antennas are useable on GMRS if you already have them.


Find GMRS repeaters near you with this map.
NotaRubicon Productions has an extensive library of GMRS related videos and a witty, entertaining, and easy-to-understand delivery.


Ch Use Frequency
1 Simplex 462.5625
2 Simplex 462.5875
3 Simplex 462.6125
4 Simplex 462.6375
5 Simplex 462.6625
6 Simplex 462.6875
7 Simplex 462.7125
8 Simplex 467.5625
9 Simplex 467.5875
10 Simplex 467.6125
11 Simplex 467.6375
12 Simplex 467.6625
13 Simplex 467.6875
14 Simplex 467.7125
15 Simplex 462.5500
16 Simplex 462.5750
17 Simplex 462.6000
18 Simplex 462.6250
19 Simplex 462.6500
20 Simplex 462.6750
21 Simplex 462.7000
22 Simplex 462.7250
15RP Repeater 467.5500 +5MHz Offset
16RP Repeater 467.5750 +5MHz Offset
17RP Repeater 467.6000 +5MHz Offset
18RP Repeater 467.6250 +5MHz Offset
19RP Repeater 467.6500 +5MHz Offset
20RP Repeater 467.6750 +5MHz Offset
21RP Repeater 467.7000 +5MHz Offset
22RP Repeater 467.7250 +5MHz Offset