DMR D578 Mobile Radio Kit


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Ram Mount (attach to mobile bracket) ($19.00)
Ram Mount (Base + Arm + Clamp) ($59.00)
Magnetic BNC Antenna Base ($39.00)
Compact LIFEPO4 Battery 12V 6Ah ($109.00)

Product Details

This radio kit represents an excellent option for establishing communications in a manpack, vehicle or base station.

This is both digital DMR and analog capable, perfect for interoperation with our DMR 6X2 PRO handheld radios. It is capable of transmitting at 50W on both 2M, 70cm, and the 1.25M bands. With our modifications and programming, transmit capability of the radio is extended for use on MURS, GMRS, and other frequencies outside of amateur bands.

Key features include GPS, Bluetooth, APRS, and Crossband Repeater capability.

Kit includes:

  • Anytone D-578 UVIII Plus Mobile Radio
  • Handheld Speakermic with Hanger
  • Power Cable terminated in Anderson PowerPoles
  • Faceplate Mounting Bracket with Remote Cable
  • Radio Mounting Bracket
  • User Manual
  • BNC Antenna Adapter
  • 12VDC Cigarette Lighter Power Wire terminated in Anderson PowerPoles (powers from vehicle cigarette lighter outlet)
  • FREE Custom programming ($35 value) If you want us to use your DMR ID, please include it in your order notes

Pairs well with our Field Expedient Base Station Kit.

Please allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for assembly and programming.