Field Expedient Base Station Kit


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This system provides the solution for utilizing your radio as an indoor communications base station. This is ideal for use when traveling or renting, as no drilling is required. The Comet Jumper enables a window or door passthrough for your antenna wire. Outside the window, you can use the throw weight and paracord to hoist the antenna up into a tree or other structure.

The RME Field Expedient Base Station Kit includes:

Slim Jim Roll Up Antenna
Custom Cordura Throw Weight
Comet Window Feed-Thru Jumper
15ft Coax (inside window to radio)
35ft Coax (outside window to antenna)
SO-239 to BNC adapter

This kit is designed as an add on to our UV5R Essentials Kit or another handheld or mobile radio up to 100 watts. It will connect to any UHF/VHF radio with a BNC (using included adapter) or SO-239 (without adapter) antenna connection.