UV-5R Field Expedient Vehicle Kit


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Super Elastic Signal Stick BNC ($25.00)

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One of the biggest barriers to effective communication inside a vehicle is the antenna. Signal from inside the metal frame of a car is greatly degraded. This kit enables you to quickly convert your UV-5R into a capable vehicle rig, yet small enough to keep in a bag. It provides a magnetic base to deploy your Signal Stick BNC antenna on the roof of the car. The cord can easily pass through door weatherstripping when closed. The 12V Battery Eliminator allows you to power your radio directly from any 12V cigarette lighter plug, eliminating concern about battery life while in use.

Field Expedient Vehicle Kit includes:

  • UV-5R 12V Battery Eliminator (a model we have thoroughly tested that will not fry your radio)
  • Magnetic BNC Antenna Mount with 5M BNC cable

Radio, BNC antenna, and BNC adapter are required and NOT included.