Mountain Jumper Angle-Adjustable Magnetic Antenna Mount


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CA-2x4SR 40-Inch Mobile Antenna ($79.00)
35ft RG8X Coax Feedline ($49.00)
15ft RG8X Coax Feedline ($29.00)
Window Jumper ($69.00)
RG-316 SO-239 to BNC Pigtail (attach your handheld to PL-259 coax ends) ($9.00)

Product Details

Do you have a metal roof or structure that you’d like to attach an antenna to without the need to drill any holes? Our angle-adjustable mag mount is an ideal solution, offering 180 degrees of flexibility to get your antenna perfectly upright on your metal roof home, barn, garage, RV, etc. Includes mount with SO-239 antenna base and SO-239 pigtail. Add our suggested CA2x4SR 40″ Mobile Antenna (well suited for Ham, GMRS, MURS frequencies) and an appropriate length of coax for a complete solution.

Please note: this is a new release product. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Watch Wranglerstar’s setup of this antenna on a metal workshop here: