Super Elastic Signal Stick Antenna UHF – BNC


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SMA-F to BNC-F (Most Baofeng Radios) ($5.00)
SMA-M to BNC-F (Most Yaesu Radios) ($5.00)

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The Super Elastic Signal Stick UHF Only antenna from Signal Stuff is the best antenna for use on UHF (~440MHz) frequencies on your handheld radio. UHF is ideal for use in areas with partial obstructions such as urban environments or dense vegetation. In addition to its excellent signal reception and transmission capabilities, this antenna is virtually indestructible and offers a convenient size for carrying (approximately 6 inches long).

This antenna uses a BNC connection to the radio, so be sure and purchase an adapter for your radio if necessary. BNC is our universally recommended antenna connection type for all radios.

Sold individually.