Wranglerstar PROhO Radio Package


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Provides added protection to the radio plus prevents accidental PTT and Volume Knob interactions.

Roll Up Slim Jim Antenna
Can be hung from a tree branch or other elevated position to greatly improve reception. Includes 16ft feedline. Very compact size when rolled.

Stubby Miracle Baby BNC Antenna
Very compact antenna is ideal for short range communications.

Wearable BNC Antenna
Flexible rope-like antenna is ideal for use on plate carrier or chest rig.

Magnetic BNC Antenna Base
Allows you to utilize your included BNC Signal Stick Antenna on the roof of a vehicle for improved reception. Includes 16ft feedline.

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3x UV-5R+ Radios with Custom Programming (Includes Primary and Alternate PROhO Frequencies, Common Simplex Frequencies, Local Repeaters, Analog Emergency Services, NOAA Weather)
3x Factory Accessories (Charging Dock w/ AC Adapter, Belt Clip, User Manual, etc.)
3x Extended Batteries with USB Charging Cables
3x BNC Antenna Adapters (Pre-Installed on Radio)
3x Super Elastic Signal Stick Antennas, Made in USA
1x PROhO Three Radio Carrying Case, Made in USA by Special Operations Equipment
1x Extended Battery Radio Pouch, Made in USA by Special Operations Equipment
1x Waterproof Radio Cheat Sheet
1x Printed Programming Reference
1x Wranglerstar Official Morale Patch


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